Chumming in Wisconsin?

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Let’s talk more about chumming in Wisconsin. So really the definition of chum is ground up fish. So one of the questions was, can you use bread? Well, bread is not technically chum because it’s not ground up fish. Also just to clarify, if you’re able to use like fish eggs, or you’re able to use a part of a fish that is contained and then can be removed from the water, that’s legal. You can go to the DNR website to get more information about this, but you just can’t use ground up fish, throw it in the water and create that waste in the water because that is not good for our ecosystem.


Replying to @Jamison walsh It all come down to protecting our ecosystem 🎣🐟🦆🦞 #fishing #fishandgame #wisconsinfishing #wisconsinsummer

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