Be careful with deers while driving!

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If you’re from Wisconsin, you know, November means more deer vehicle crashes. Be careful on the road. Driving last night, there was a deer that was right next to me running on the highway. It was crazy. Just be aware of what’s out there. Use your, your headlamps. Your brights when you can and be aware of where your lights are looking.

Are they looking off to the side or just directly straight? You can tweak them, you know, to make sure that you’re seeing everything in front of you and to the side is be aware where you’re riding and be aware what’s coming up. You know, is it an area that’s what it is in an area where there are more deer crossings?

That’s why there’s the signs. Hey, be safe in Wisconsin, please.


Its deer season! Eyes up and know your surroundings 🦌🍂🚙 #deeraccidents #wilddeer #wisconsindeerseason #milwaaukeebucks

♬ Teeming Deer – DJ BAI

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