Wisconsin Roads This Winter

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Everyone who has lived, or even driven, in Wisconsin understands that roads evolve into something different every winter season. It’s not just the frost stopping by to say hello, but it’s really more of a complete overhaul that we all have to adjust to. Sometimes this adjustment period can be hard, and people tend to get injured and hurt in the process. This doesn’t only apply to road safety, but safety within our homes and offices as well. There is often a marked increase in winter slip and fall accidents around this time of the year.

I recently wrote a Legal Guide on Avvo, and in this resource guide, I discussed some of the essential items you should pack in your vehicle in case you end up in a ditch. Now, the odds of this happening to you aren’t high, but it also occurs more often than you would think. Imagine that you are traveling home late one winter night and your tires spin out of control because you drive over some black ice. There is every possibility that if this happens to you on a Wisconsin road during winter, you will be stuck out there.

Now, in the event that you are stuck in a ditch somewhere, you want to at least make sure that you are staying safe and that your life isn’t in any danger. This is why is important to have some of these essential items in your vehicle. These items range from sun shield blankets to canned food. It might seem like a random list, but trust me when I say each of these items will come in handy.

To read more about these items and the legal guide visit Avvo. If you have questions about personal injury incidents and other legal questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our legal team. Groth Law Firm is always ready, and willing, to assist you if we can.

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