Driving in bad weather conditions

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Drivers can’t be responsible for the weather, but they are responsible for how they react and how they drive in those bad weather conditions. There’s four things you have to be aware of when it comes to negligence. 1.Duty. Your duty on the road, you know, what do you have to do? What’s your responsibility? 2. a breach of that duty.

So if you’re supposed to go the speed limit, well, you drive the speed limit if you’re going too fast You’ve breached your responsibility. 3. Cause. So did you cause somebody’s harm? Was your negligence, was the manner in which you were driving, for example, the cause of somebody else’s damages, and then 4. Harm.

Did you cause somebody harm? Those are things you have to be aware of. That’s negligence as defined by the laws in our state. So if you’re in Wisconsin and you’re going down the road 70 miles an hour in a snowstorm, Well, duty, you breach that, because you’re going too fast for conditions. So, breach, and if you hit somebody, it’s pretty clear that you caused their harm.

Duty breach cause harm, stay safe in Wisconsin, drive responsibly.

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