How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents: 3 Important Steps

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While you can’t control other drivers on the road, you can take some important steps to help avoid motorcycle accidents.

Help Other Drivers See You

Motorcycles are much less visible than larger vehicles. Still, some riders don’t take steps to help other drivers see them on the road. Motorcyclists should:

  • Wear a heavy jacket and helmet with a reflective material
  • Keep their headlights on whenever they ride—even during daytime
  • Not ride in other vehicles’ blind spots
  • Not split lanes
  • Avoid riding at night whenever possible

Likewise, other motorists should always be on the lookout for motorcyclists.

Obey the Speed Limit

It can be hard to resist the temptation to speed on your motorbike. However, motorcyclists and their fellow motorists should always obey the speed limit. The faster any motor vehicle travels, the less time they have to react to the unexpected. Speeding also increases the force of the impact in an accident.

Avoid Riding in Poor Weather

More accidents, including motorcycle accidents, occur in poor weather than in good weather. If you can, avoid riding your bike when there is snow, ice, fog, rain, sleet, or slush present. Stay off the road or take a passenger vehicle instead. While it may not be as fun, it can save your life and prevent injuries.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? A Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, seek legal help as soon as possible. Call Growth Law Firm today at 414-768-2727 to get your questions answered and schedule a confidential case review with a skilled Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Do I need a Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyer?

If you have recently been injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s in your best interest to meet with an attorney. Your attorney can help you determine your legal rights and options and what to do next.

What if I might be partly to blame for my motorcycle accident?

You could still be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. Be sure to talk to a lawyer about your accident.

Are helmets required in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin law requires all motorcyclists under 18 or those with an instructional permit to wear a helmet. Passengers under 18 also need to wear a helmet.


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