Admitting Fault In A Car Accident: 4 Important Things To Know

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Being involved in a car accident is an inconvenient hassle at best. You likely want to move on with your life and away from the accident scene as soon as you possibly can. While this is understandable, you must understand some critical points about admitting fault in a car accident.

1. Never admit fault

Even if it seems quite apparent that you are the at-fault party, don’t ever admit fault. If you do, you and your insurance company will likely become legally responsible for paying any damages that result from the accident.

2. Don’t admit fault to the police

Only tell the responding police officer what happened from your perspective, even if the other driver blames you. If you admit fault to the officer, it will be included in the accident report.

3. Apologizing can be considered an admission of fault

Simply apologizing for the accident could be considered by an insurance company, police officer, or another driver as admitting fault. As tempting as it might be, don’t apologize.

4. If you think you’re at fault, only discuss it with our attorney

If you believe you have some fault in causing your car accident, only discuss those concerns with your Wisconsin car accident attorney.

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Car Accident FAQ

What if the other driver insists I am at fault?

Let them. They will be required to establish proof that your negligence caused the accident that resulted in their damages. It’s not worth discussing or arguing with them.

If neither driver admits fault, who determines fault?

When a driver files an insurance claim, the insurance adjusters will determine fault. However, your Wisconsin car accident lawyer can help establish the other driver’s fault and refute claims that you are at fault.

What should I tell the insurance adjusters?

Avoid talking to them at all. If you do speak to them, tell them you have legal representation. Talking to them could damage your claim.

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