Is Wisconsin a no fault state?

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Is Wisconsin a no-fault state? The answer is no. Wisconsin is not a no-fault state. So what that means is that unlike some of our neighboring states, where no matter what happens, you could get compensation in a crash in Wisconsin you can be held contributory, negligent or have some comparative fault and what that means is simply if you’re driving and somebody else causes the accident but you’re 10 % at fault you can recover 90% of your damages. If you are 0% at fault, you can recover 100% of your damages. If you’re 49% at fault, you can recover 51% of your damages but if you are 51% or more at fault, let’s say you’re 50.01% at fault, and that’s what the jury says, you are at fault, you can recover zero because you are the one who is at fault in the crash, so maybe there’s some complex math there but long story short Wisconsin is a no-fault

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