How does Worker’s Compensation work?

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Worker’s Compensation will pay for injuries that occur while you’re working. So, simply put, if you’re driving for work and you’re involved in a car crash, Worker’s Compensation will pay your medical bills, your lost wages, mileage to the doctor, things like that. If you’re on the job and you’re just walking, delivering something, Worker’s Compensation will also pay for those injuries.

If you’re a delivery person, and you’re walking to deliver a box to a house and a dog bites you, workers compensation will pay for those injuries. In addition, if you have an injury that is caused by somebody else’s negligence, you’ll have a claim that’s called a first party claim against worker’s comp.

You’ll also have a claim against the third party. Or the dog owner or the car that that caused the crash, things like that. If you’re simply on the job and you’re working, let’s say, at a factory or on the floor and you fall and you’re injured, worker’s compensation will certainly pay you for those injuries.

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