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The myth of the ambulance chaser, the term ambulance chaser is 100 and some years old. It’s directed towards personal injury attorneys or attorneys who help others because they’re injured because of somebody else’s negligence. It’s something that is, it only helps insurance companies to demean our profession, and stop people from seeking.

A representative to help them fight insurance. So the only company that benefits from this term really is the insurance company. There are many, many rules that have been in place and are strongly enforced by bar associations throughout the United States in addition to the American Bar Association that prevent attorneys from doing what an ambulance chaser implies, which is contacting somebody immediately after a crash and being in their face and trying to get them to hire your particular law firm or any particular law firm, we simply can’t.

Attorneys cannot make a phone call to somebody who’s injured because of a crash or injured because of somebody else’s negligence unless that attorney has a prior relationship with that victim. So attorneys are able to advertise on billboards, attorneys are able to send letters because they’re less intrusive and they usually arrive days after a crash so you’re not as, as stressed out, and attorneys certainly are able to advertise on, television or TikTok or, you know, things like that, Instagram, because that’s not as intrusive, it’s not as in your face.

Those rules are in place to protect victims so you don’t have, literally, attorneys driving up or walking up to an ambulance and throwing cards on somebody.

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