How much my case is worth?

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Can I ask my lawyer how much my case is worth? Yes, you can certainly ask your lawyer that. I can tell you most of the time at the beginning stage of a case, we’re not going to know the exact value of a case or what a jury or what an insurance company would pay to compensate you for your injuries. What we can do is give you ideas as to what your treatment may mean in a settlement, especially if we know what the insurance limits are, we can give you a better idea.

For example, there are studies that show if you get an MRI. After a crash that the value of your case increases by as much as 10 15 thousand dollars. If you have wage loss, if you have no gaps in treatment, those are all things that are going to affect the value of your case. or what the insurance company is going to offer as compensation to you.

So yes, you should ask your lawyer what the value of your case is worth, but don’t be surprised if the lawyer has a lot of follow up questions and then after some investigation they give you a better idea about what the range might be.


You should always be able to go to your lawyer for any questions you may have regarding your case. #value #casestudy #lawyertiktok #askusanything

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