I Was Hit by a Car on My Bike. What Can I Expect From a Settlement?

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Bike accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents, and if someone else’s negligence leaves you injured, you can face considerable damages that are very difficult to overcome. If this is the situation you find yourself in, reach out to an experienced Wisconsin bike accident attorney for the professional legal counsel you need. 

Your Damages

If a motorist leaves you injured in a bike accident, you can seek compensation in the form of a settlement in several important categories.

Your Medical Expenses

Your medical costs can include all of the following:

  • Emergency care
  • Surgery
  • Hospital stays
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medications

Serious injuries often require ongoing medical care and can lead to lifelong health conditions. 

Your Lost Earnings

Being seriously injured in a bike accident can leave you off the job and unable to earn income. Further, if your injuries are serious, your earning potential can take a hit. 

Your Pain and Suffering

The pain and suffering associated with being injured by someone else’s negligence in a bike accident can have devastating emotional effects. 

An Experienced Wisconsin Bike Accident Attorney Is on Your Side

The resourceful bike accident attorneys at Groth Law Firm, S.C. in Wisconsin take great pride in helping clients like you obtain just compensation that allows you to reach your most complete recovery. To learn more about what we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (414) 409-0114 today.  


How do I prove that the motorist is at fault?

Proving fault is a complicated component of your bike accident claim that is best left in the capable hands of your dedicated bike accident attorney. 

What are the most common causes of bike accidents?

The most common causes of dangerous bike accidents are various forms of driver negligence, including:

  • Distraction
  • Impairment
  • Exhaustion
  • Excess speed
  • Aggression

Can’t I just negotiate with the insurance company on my own?

While you can negotiate with the insurance company on your own, they are known to under compensate a victim. It’s important to hire an experienced attorney who knows the insurance companies tricks so that they may help you receive your rightful compensation.

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