Halloween pedestrian tips

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Halloween safety tips. If you’re a pedestrian and you’re walking in Milwaukee during Halloween, make sure you understand. where the crosswalks are, where cars are, and know where your kids are. We have seen this time and time again. We recently had a case where somebody came to us because their child darted out between two cars into traffic and was hit by a car.

It’s a terrible situation. In those kind of situations a dart out is a comparative negligence. Type situation where it’s the child who could be responsible, the parent who could be responsible and the car. Did the car have the opportunity to stop in time? Did the parent have the opportunity to stop the kid in time?

Was the kid just outright negligent? You know, so let’s stop it before it even happens. Be aware of where your kids are. If you’re going to cross the street. Cross at a crosswalk. Please stay safe. I hope you have a great Halloween. Watch out for your kids and watch out for others kids.


🙏 Know where your kids are at all times, and remind them of crosswalk rules and safety. ⚠️❤️‍🩹 #pedestriansafety #roadrules #childsafety #halloween101 #crosswalks

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