Progressive Insurance Settlement Offer- Updated

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Progressive has experimented with a “new” tactic in attempting to settle (and close) cases.  For the past few years, our firm has seen more and more releases with a progressive insurance claim time limit.  I just spoke with a new client this past week who was faced with this exact situation.  Groth Law covered this at our blog:
These past few weeks our law firm has been contacted by two people rear-ended by others insured by Progressive. In each case, Progressive sent an adjuster to the injured person’s home within a few days of the collision. In one case, the injured person called my office on the day of the meeting. In the other case, the injured party waited until after the meeting to call my office.
Can you guess the result?
Let’s start with the bad news first. The person who waited to call until after the meeting actually waited a few months to call. At the time of the meeting, he was still being treated by his doctor. He told the insurance adjuster that he went to the doctor and had other appointments in the future (i.e. after that meeting). The adjuster presented him with a “standard Release” that offered to pay for the past medical care (a few doctor’s visits) and up to $1,500.00 in future care. The adjuster also offered about $700 in “pain and suffering.”
The injured person continued to go to the doctor.
About a month or so after signing this release the injured person went back to the doctor and was told that Progressive Insurance had stopped paying.
You can guess why. The injuries were more severe than the injured person initially thought. The doctor needed more time (i.e. visits) to help this person recover. The $1,500.00 paid by Progressive Insurance was used up before the injured person was released from care.
He called the Progressive Adjuster hoping to get some more money to pay for additional care. The answer, “You signed the Release there is nothing more we can do.” Bad news!
The other person who called our office did NOT sign the release. This person has since been back to the doctor and is now considering a referral to an orthopedic surgeon for problems with her knee.
It is interesting that Progressive Insurance offered about the same thing to each person for pain and suffering. It is also telling that they have “standard” Releases that they bring to initial meetings with injured people. They must know that certain dollar amounts will more likely than not get accepted by the injured party.
In some cases, the first offer may have been a “good deal.” But, for the person who called our firm who now needs additional medical treatment, it was only a “good deal” for Progressive Insurance.
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