What is the biggest mistake a parent can make when sending kids off to summer camp?

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The biggest mistake a parent can make when sending kids off to summer camp is just not doing your research. There’s a few things that you have to understand and you can Google these and just to get an understanding of where you’re sending your kids. Is the summer camp accredited? Is there a history of problems?

You can go on CCAP in Wisconsin and you can ask the, the director of the camp or ask the salesperson. Do you have a history of problems with the kids? How do you handle that? What’s your discipline policy? So the third thing is, you simply ask them, Give us a written policy. How do you handle discipline?

What are the safety protocols? If something happens, What do you do? Where’s the closest ambulance going to come from? Where’s the closest hospital? Do you have anybody who’s an EMT on staff, for example? The last thing is food allergies. How do you handle food allergies? Is there going to be a safe area to eat?

Do you have a separated place for those who have gluten issues, tree nut, peanut, other kind of concerns, and who is carrying an EpiPen? How many EpiPens around? What happens, if somebody does ingest or does suffer from a food allergy and something goes wrong? What’s the protocol? Epi first, epi fast, right?

So is that something that they’re aware of? If you ask them and they aren’t aware of what to do, that’s a red flag. Hope your kids are safe. These are some good ideas.

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