Don’t talk to the police! You have a right to remain silent.

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As far as what you should say to the police, certainly you want to be respectful, but I always tell clients that the police don’t need any statements from you. You know, if they’re, if they want to talk to you about, the allegations that have been made against you or about what happened, don’t talk to them.

You have a right to remain silent and you should exercise that right. The police don’t need your help to prosecute you. If they’re, if they’re coming to you asking you questions, that means that they’re looking for evidence. That means they don’t have enough to charge you. What they’re looking for is for you to help them charge you.

They want evidence, they want to gather evidence against you. So they’re trying to get an admission from you, and they’re, they’ll often act like they’re your best friend, and they’re trying to help you. And they’ll tell you, listen, we want to make this easy on you. We just want to find out what happened.

We just want to help you. So help us help you. Don’t listen to them. They’re not on your side. They’re not your friends. They may be very, kind and polite, but, that doesn’t mean that they’re looking out for your best interests. So do not give them any statements. If, if they ask you about what happened or want to talk to you, just tell them, I’m going to exercise my fifth amendment rights to remain silent.

And I want to talk to my lawyer and then, and then call me.

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