What if your car is stolen out of a work parking lot?

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What if your car is stolen out of a work parking lot? That’s a great question. If you don’t have full coverage, what you should certainly do is call the police. Make sure you have a report because the police will hopefully get this over to a D. A. Who will investigate this and they’ll find the person that stole the vehicle.

So you’ll get your money back for the car through the criminal court process. And that’s restitution. If you have some information about who secures the facility. If you know that there was, you know, supposed to be a security guard on duty or something along those lines, or something should have been locked and wasn’t, then there’s potential claim against the security company for negligent security.

So that’s also the possibility. If you have more questions, certainly shoot them on over to us. I’ll be happy to answer them.


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