Ice fishing tips

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When you’re going out to ice fish, you don’t really know how much ice there actually is in any given area. And when you’re on the ice, you go on your four wheeler or on your truck and you’re on the lake, there’s a couple things you need to be aware of, you know, three things you need to look out for.

Is there four inches of, of ice? Is the snow, you know, kind of dark? Does the snow look like it’s dark? Because that could be water underneath. Or is there slushy snow or slushy ice on top? Multiple layers of ice because of the freezing, melting, freezing, melting. Just three things to really watch out for. So dark spots on the ice, slushy ice, and four inches of ice on the lake.

You want four inches. You don’t want to see dark spots. You don’t want to have slushy spots. Good luck fishing.

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