Who do you file a claim against if you are in the back of a police vehicle?

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If you’re in the back of a police vehicle and somebody else causes an accident, who do you file a claim against? Well, really there could be two different parties. It’s the party that was a cause of the accident, the one that hit the police vehicle. And if the police officer driving, if they’re responsible in part for the crash, then you have a claim against that police officer for their portion of the responsibility, for their portion of negligence.

So if the negligence is a hundred percent between the two cars, Then, what amount do you apportion to the other vehicle and what amount do you apportion towards the police vehicle? And really with that, it gets kind of complex because you have to file certain notices at certain times. You may have to file a Notice of Circumstances of Claim within 120 days of the accident occurring. So you don’t have much time. You have to make sure you know all the parties involved, the facts of what happened, where it happened, and, be able to know which party you have to serve so you get the right documents filed so you preserve your right to recover.

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