Can Pedestrians Be Legally At Fault For Causing A Car Crash?

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While it’s often thought that motorists are always the at-fault party when a pedestrian-car crash happens, that’s not always the case. Pedestrians can be negligent in causing such an accident under some circumstances. Typically pedestrians will often suffer the most harm in a crash with a vehicle. However, their negligent actions might have been the reason for the accident. Pedestrian negligence may include:

  • Failing to obey traffic signals
  • Focusing on cell phones or other distracting items
  • Talking to others
  • Assuming they have the right of way
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to cross the street in crosswalks

If pedestrians take any of these actions or others, they can be legally at fault for an accident. However, even if a pedestrian is partially at fault for a collision, they might be able to recover compensation from a negligent motorist. Under Wisconsin’s comparative negligence statute, an injured pedestrian who is less than 51 percent at fault for an accident may seek compensation from the other party or parties who caused the accident and, as a result, their injuries.

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Pedestrian Accident FAQ

How much compensation will I receive if I am partially to blame?

As long as you are less than 51 percent at fault, you can receive compensation. The amount you can receive will be proportional to your degree of responsibility.

Should I hire a Wisconsin pedestrian accident attorney?

To ensure you receive the best outcome possible in your case, especially if you could be partly at fault, you should hire a Wisconsin pedestrian accident lawyer to represent you.

Can an attorney settle my claim out of court?

Most pedestrian accident claims are settled out of court. If your attorney can negotiate a full and fair settlement, it’s typically best to avoid litigating your claim.

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