Be careful with your virtual conversations.

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Nowadays, there’s lots of virtual conversations. You have documents that are sent electronically. You have FaceTime meetings, you have Zoom meetings, you know, things like that. You really have to understand who is communicating with you. We’ve had situations where the insurance company has been texting our client, and a client got confused as to which person was texting them, and documents were signed.

Information was shared over text that did not help our client. It’s something that is becoming more and more common that insurance companies are putting your information in a, a system that sends texts to you. If you’re not sure who’s texting you, if you are unsure whether this person is for or against you, just don’t respond.

Or, take that communication offline, give it to an attorney so we can understand what’s going on. It’s really frightening to think of a situation where it’s late at night or you’re stressed out, you were just involved in a crash and you’re saying things over text to an insurance company that may be causing you to get less compensation or might release the insurance company from full responsibility.

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