Guide to Bicycle Accident Cases

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According to the US Department of Transportation, 630 bicyclists were killed and 51,000 more were injured in collisions involving motor vehicles in 2009. Currently, 37 states and Washington D.C. have some sort of mandatory helmet law. Unfortunately, most of those laws only apply if the bicyclist is under 18 years of age. It is important for the representatives of bicycle accident victims to understand basic bicycle mechanics, as well as the specific bicycle laws in the jurisdiction where the accident took place. Doing so will result in more successful outcomes for the injured person. Today’s post will discuss some of the things a good attorney will take into consideration while handling your case.

Dangerous Environmental Conditions

Bicycle accidents can be caused by roadway issues that pose no hazard to cars but can expose bicyclists to increased risk. Such issues include potholes, improper trenching, loose debris, and poor pavement transitions. It is important to look for these types of defects. If there are multiple defects, it must be determined whether a single defect or multiple defects caused the hazard.
Bicycle accidents also require a thorough inspection of the scene to identify visibility issues and to analyze whether a dangerous roadway condition could have been the cause of the accident. A good tactic is to travel to the scene of the accident on a bicycle, if possible, to gain the bicyclist’s perspective. Consulting an expert in bicycle safety may also be useful, especially when going to court.

Common Defense Arguments

Defendants in bicycle collision cases frequently rely on certain arguments. Many claim that the bicyclist was speeding. Be wary of these witnesses, because their ability to judge a bicyclist’s speed is poor.
Some defendants may also claim that the bicyclist was not visible to them or was improperly positioned in the lane, either weaving in and out of lanes or traveling too close to other vehicles. This is where testimony from other witnesses, as well as a thorough examination of the accident scene, can be extremely helpful.

The Need For a Competent Bike Accident Lawyer

With so many bicycle accidents every year, the need for competent counsel continues to grow. Success requires a thorough investigation, and cases should be approached with an eye toward the specific hazards bicyclists face. At Groth Law Firm, our attorneys have the skill, dedication, and experience needed to provide competent and quality representation to injured bicyclists. If you’d like to talk to an experienced attorney about your situation, contact us today.

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