Take care of your property and provide a safe area for others!

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Are you responsible to pay the medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, you know, things like that? If a delivery person comes onto your property and falls and injures themselves, potentially yes, because you have property that you’re inviting others, you know, a mail person, a delivery person, any kind of guest or visitor onto your property to deliver items.

If your property is safe and there’s open and obvious as to what’s going on, so you simply walk onto the property and there’s no problems. I think you’re okay. The issue is when you have, for example, in Wisconsin when you have, in December, snow that accumulates and you haven’t plowed or you haven’t put salt down for days upon days upon days and you’re creating this unnatural accumulation of ice and snow and you expect others to deliver onto your property.

That’s probably negligence. You aren’t taking care of your property. You aren’t taking care and you aren’t providing a safe area for others to come and visit.

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