Advice to new law firms

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14 years in business, you know, what advice would I have given to Groth Law Firm back in 2010? It’s kind of corny, but I would say, scanners. I think we had at one point 40 to 60 or something bankers boxes that were just full of documents that we had to get scanned in. Buy scanners, go paperless faster.

That’s something that is such a difference. Now knowing how what’s called OCR-ing is done and the reading of documents through Adobe and KOFAX and other artificial intelligence even type fashions, or systems I should say. It’s something that now being paperless and having the ability to just search for key terms in all these documents is such a big deal.

I wish we had the wherewithal, or we had the ability to know that if you’re scanning documents right away and then categorizing them, It’s going to be not only helpful in that moment but helpful five years, 10 years from now. So long story short, and if you’re starting a new practice, my advice to a young Groth Law Firm, or my advice to you as somebody who’s starting a new law firm is invest in some good scanners and go paperless sooner.

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