14th Anniversary: How It All Started

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March 1st, it’s our 14th anniversary. You know, 14 years ago, I was in my basement. Technically, our office was 200 South Executive Drive in Brookfield. It was one of those shared office spaces. Where, I think at that point, our, our mailbox, our office, was the same office with, I don’t know, 30 other businesses.

One of them was Geico. So when we would settle cases with Geico, Geico would literally walk down the hall and give us a check. It was kind of weird. Now, my office really was my basement, but we had that address there and we had a conference room that we could use because it was a shared office space.

Since then, we grew into another office on the second floor of the Murray Insurance building at 13005 West Bluemound, Brookfield, and then moved to 11063 in Wauwatosa. We were also in the Ogden building on about 84th and Bluemound. We office shared with some other lawyers. We’ve moved around a little bit, but since 2017, we’ve been in the same couple locations in Wauwatosa and then in Brookfield where our, the majority of our staff is.

And certainly, you know, last year we opened our Green Bay office and we have the office in Brookfield. In Milwaukee, but I remember 14 years ago, having that shared office space. That was quite an interesting time, when we had just a bustling office, but I didn’t know anybody I know it was pretty cool to have a coffee machine in the office but other than that, we had to kind of fight for conference room time and things like that we’ve come a long way in the past 14 years.

So thank you for all the anniversary wishes And, here’s looking to 14 more.

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