What Is The Average Compensation For Motorcycle Accidents?

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Motorcycle accidents can range from minor to catastrophic. Some victims walk away from a motorcycle accident with little to no injures. Others are taken away in an ambulance, or worse. Some have minor injuries and will recover; others have permanent and life-altering injuries that they will never recover from. Since compensation for a motorcycle accident can vary widely, it’s difficult to predict how much compensation you could receive for your injuries.

However, motorcycle accident claims can have a sizeable payout. The typical amount can be five figures or even over $100,000 depending on the extent of your injuries and where the accident’s fault lies.

A reasonable settlement for a motorcycle crash compensates you for your economic losses. It pays you fairly for your pain and suffering and other non-economic losses. Information obtained from Jury Verdict Research reveals that the average motorcycle accident trial verdict is $73,500. However, keep in mind that whether a settlement is reasonable or not depends on whether it’s fair based on your injuries, damages and losses, and the entirety of circumstances in your case.

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Motorcycle Accident FAQ

How will my compensation be determined?

Your injury compensation is determined by many factors, such as if your claim settles, the limits of the applicable insurance policies, the extent of your injuries, and their impact on your life.

Will my case settle?

Most cases do settle out of court. However, sometimes a full and fair settlement can’t be reached, so the injured party pursues litigation. Your Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorney can advise you of your options.

Will my compensation cover my medical bills?

If you receive fair compensation, it should be enough to cover your medical bills. It should also cover your other accident-related expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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