How to find the right attorney for my situation?

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In order to find the right attorney for your situation, there’s three things that you should look into. And number one is what kind of attorney is this? What does the attorney really specialize in? Are they a personal injury attorney that only does slips and falls? Is it somebody who really specializes in trucking accidents?

Or is it a firm that has a specialist for each of these, you know, kind of matters. The second thing is looking at reviews. Reviews on Google are great, looking at Facebook reviews. But also looking at sanctions or grievances. Going to the Bar Association just to see. What kind of complaints, if any, that the law firm or the lawyer has.

The third thing to look into, how are you paying this lawyer? Are you paying this lawyer on a flat fee? Is it an hourly rate that win, lose, or draw, you would owe them 300 an hour? Or is it a contingency fee? If you have any questions, reach out. But this is something that you really need to ask these three questions and do some due diligence before you hire a lawyer.


Follow these three tips and ask the necessary questions to find the lawyer that’s right for you. #therightlawyer #lawyersoftiktok #findinganattorney #wisconsinlaw

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