Be extra careful driving in Halloween!

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If it’s Halloween and you’re driving on the road, are you responsible to see people who may be dressed in all black? or dressed in something that isn’t really typical. Yes, you are responsible to understand what’s going on on that given day. It’s unreasonable for you to simply drive on Halloween and assume that people aren’t going to be dressed up.

In Wisconsin, we always talk about the reasonable person standard. It’s reasonable for you to understand, hey, it’s Halloween. There are going to be kids who are walking around dressed as maybe somebody even in a ghillie suit or in camouflage or a ghost that’s all black or things like that. So be extra careful on the road.

You have a heightened responsibility when you’re driving on the road under certain circumstances to really understand your surroundings. And know that there are people, kids, dogs, whatever, that may be darting out because there’s more pedestrians on Halloween than other times of the year.


There are more pedestrians on the roads during Halloween than any other time of the year 🚶‍♀️🚶🚶‍♂️👀 stay aware! #spookyseason #lookout #dressedinblack #halloweenattire #halloween2023 #halloweensafety

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