Bicycle Injury Law Firm

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Groth Law Firm, S.C. is a statewide (Wisconsin) bicycle accident firm that offers victims suffering serious personal injuries like spinal cord damage from hit and run accidents, or those hit by a car while riding a bike, legal advice about what to do in case of serious injury and legal representation.
Experienced bicycle accident attorneys help find coverage from all sources of compensation, including insurance coverage. If you have a college student attending Marquette University, UW Milwaukee, Mount Mary, or Alverno, for example, you will have noticed they often ride bikes to get around town.  You probably have seen bike messengers delivering packages, or cyclists by Bradford Beach or South Shore. Parents often carry a child on a bicycle, which can cause bike injuries to children. We can help answer frequently asked questions about bicycle personal injuries.
Even with a safety helmet, riders like children are in harm’s way every day. Children and parents are required to obey bicycle helmet laws to help avoid quadriplegia and paraplegia. The facts are that you or someone you love could develop a serious and traumatic brain injury from a devastating car accident like in hitting a bike or the asphalt with your head. As your already aware, a car crash can easily destroy lives and ruin a bicyclist’s mental and physical health. These devastating injuries can also keep you from making a living, and can make it impossible for you to live a normal life you once enjoyed.

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