What Are the Different Types of Trucking Accidents?

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Wisconsin suffers from roughly 150,000 vehicular accidents per year. Trucking accidents, while less common at only 8,000 annually, have almost a 1/4 injury or worse ratio.

There are some types of trucking accidents that are less severe than others. We’ll cover several different types of collisions and accidents, and provide context to them in this article.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions usually come as a result of driver negligence. This is when two vehicles collide into each other, usually at high speeds. Though these incidents are less common, they are especially deadly.

It’s in these cases that negligence is often spotted. Truck accident lawyers can help discern negligence and help the offended party with expenses.

Rollover Accident

Trucks have a lot of weight, and if they turn at sharp speeds they can roll. Rolling in a semi poses huge risks for anyone inside and outside the vehicle.

According to a 2008 survey, the primary cause of rollover is a tire blowout. Losing a tire at high speeds can make the driver veer side to side quickly, ultimately tipping over.


T-bones, as well as angled collisions, are common at intersections. Trucks have notably wide turn radius’ meaning that they are slower than most vehicles.

Reckless truckers or negligent drivers can find themselves in a heap of trouble if they collide this way.


Trucks carrying lots of cargo are at additional risks. If the cargo isn’t well contained or stabilized, weight shifting can cause this cargo to become damaged or even shift the truck off the road.

If a truck’s cargo breaks through the rear gate, it can leave a devastating trail for anyone behind them.

In this instance, the truck driver and their company are responsible for this cargo and damage to vehicles affected by it. This is yet another reason to give truck drivers plenty of space when they’re on the road.

Common Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are unfortunately common. Knowing how to avoid them and which ones are most susceptible to injury or death can help you when you’re out on the road.

And if you’re in one of these accidents, knowing the specific type of incident can help you determine fault: an essential piece of the puzzle for determining who pays for who’s repairs and medical bills.

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