Delayed symptoms caused by brain injury

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Something we need to talk about a lot. So we raise awareness regarding brain injuries. Something that we were talking about recently is, delayed symptoms. So you can have symptoms that come a little bit after a crash or a wreck or a fall, but they are related to the brain injury that was caused by the fall.

So these are some things that we have in our checklist that we make sure we ask clients about to see if. They may be suffering from a brain injury. You know, for example, memory problems, difficulty concentrating. And that might not happen right away, it might be cumulative, right? Sleep impairment, you know, so that’s important too.

Problems with your senses, you know, your taste, your smell, your vision. Balance issues, if you find yourself, you know, more wobbly or falling, for example. And then changes in your mood, if you’re crying or have emotional swings. So those are all things you need to be aware of or have your loved ones, certainly keep track of and let us know or let your attorney know. So we can fully understand what’s going on and guide you in the right direction to a doctor who will hopefully treat you and get you the right care.


As we continue to spread awareness this month, please share this information with friends and family. #braininjuryawareness #concussion #depressionawareness

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