What insurance companies are doing? What is their strategy?

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It’s something that it is happening more and more frequently. You really need to understand what the insurance companies are doing and why they’re doing this. What if the other insurance company calls you and wants to talk to you over the phone about settlement? Well, the insurance company strategy is to stop responsibility, to limit responsibility.

We just had somebody in the office about this, so they got a recorded statement of this potential client this injured victim and they had that person say that they would accept A certain amount of money and medical bills for 30 days And that was it when we called the adjuster the adjuster said hey, you can’t be involved anymore because we have this verbal release they’re saying 30 days because they’re hoping that’s long enough to get you to say, okay, I’ll be better as an optimist.

I’m going to be better by the end of this month, it’ll be okay. But the reality is if you’re still injured on day 31, the insurance company is going to wash their hands and walk away and you’re not going to get paid for your medical bills. The insurance company’s interest is a limit, limit, limit. Well, what should happen is you should just say.

No, thank you. Let me think this over or just let the message go to voicemail. Think about it. Maybe call a lawyer. I have somebody give you some advice and then call him back. A lot of times what I say is don’t call him back personally. If you have a good friend, spouse, you know, somebody, some other adult that can make the phone call back and talk on your behalf just to get a sense of what they want from you.

That’s probably a better case scenario than you answering the phone and them. The insurance company recording it and trying to get you to commit to things when you’re not ready to commit at that point.


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