Goals of keeping things safe.

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I know that there’s lots of TV ads and billboards about fitness and what your goals are, how about some goals of keeping things safe? So when you’re driving, you know, fewer hard stops, let’s try to keep the speed limit, the speed limit. Let’s not drive out of control. Let’s drive in control. Just do a self reflection about how you are on the road and what you can do to change the manner in which you drive to keep it safe.

For you and for everybody else, you know, that’s a great idea. The other thing is certainly when you’re dealing with Wisconsin weather in the winter, you know, buy an extra bag of salt, buy an extra bag of sand so you have it handy and ready so you can salt and sand, if possible, your driveway, your walk, so when the Postal Service or FedEx or Amazon’s walking down the, you know, the block, that they’re safe on your property.

The same thing goes, hey, if you own an apartment complex or you’re a manager. Let’s think about different habits we can have to make sure that our properties are safe for those people who are on our property as a permissive user. It’s a technical term, but it’s something that’s important. If you have others who are visiting your tenants or your tenants who are going out and about, let’s make this the time to think about ways we can keep others safe.

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