Your car got stolen, and you don’t have insurance? What should you do?

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Great question. If your car is stolen, but you don’t have insurance, then who do you go after? How can you get compensation to pay for the replacement of your vehicle? Well, you have to really rely on the police to find the person that stole your vehicle and then work with victim’s assistance here in Wisconsin, at least, to make a claim for restitution against that at fault person.

And the Department of Corrections has a system to get people to pay the victims of crimes, work with victims assistance and the DA to get money back from the person that did this so you can get money to pay for a new vehicle or pay for the damage to the vehicle that was stolen. I understand, I certainly understand when your vehicle is stolen, it can really upend your life.

And at this point, what you What you have to do if you don’t have insurance is hope that the police find the person that stole your vehicle and then work with the DA and get all the information you can to them as soon as possible so they can charge that person. Hopefully they’ll be found guilty and then in sentencing, there’ll be a sentence that includes restitution so you get money back for your vehicle.

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