Health Insurance and ERISA plans

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This was an unusual situation because the victim had health insurance and the victim’s spouse had health insurance, and they were each insured under the other person’s policy. In this particular case, one health insurance was an ERISA plan, which means that they could get paid a lot more money back, and the other plan was not an ERISA plan, which means they would pay out money and they would get almost nothing, and this really, it was zero back from the car insurance.

So once we understood that, it was a race to get as much money as we could. In medical expenses over to the uninsured motorist coverage, get those limits and make sure that all the medical bills were paid by the health insurance, not the ERISA plan, but the health insurance. So that would help our client at the end of the day, get as much money in their pocket as possible.

It was a stressful case for them, certainly just life changing and stressful for us because we knew the longer we waited. Potentially the worst it would be for our clients. We really had to hurry up and act fast in that situation. And that’s one where we were very proud of the results. It was a strategy decision, a strategic planning, that we did on almost a daily basis and information gathering so we could get as much money as we could in our client’s pocket.


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