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Inside the vehicle, did your head hit anything? And that’s something that we’re dealing with just yesterday, where we had a picture of spidering on a windshield. That’s important to understand. March is brain injury awareness month. You know, this is an important topic for us. You’re a Groth Law Firm simply because we deal with a lot of clients who have concussions and brain injuries, you know, you can have a brain injury without losing consciousness, you know, that’s important to understand the variety of injuries, the variety of problems that can be caused because of a brain injury.

I have my, my TBI traumatic brain injury checklist that everybody here at the office knows of and you can look at and see did these things happen so you can be aware when we’re helping our clients. To diagnose these problems and get them to the right doctors so they can hopefully get better sooner.

You know, for example, was there extensive property damage? Did the airbag deploy? That’s always a big indicator. Was it a T bone accident, for example? A high speed impact? Multiple impacts? The other thing is simply symptom review and delayed symptoms. But that’s all very important when you’re dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

And certainly this month. This is something we need to be, more aware of what kind of injuries you can get because of a car crash.


TBIs 🧠 This Brain Injury Awareness Month we’ll be doing a series of symptoms to look out for, along with signs you may not be aware of! Stay tuned in! #importantinformation #braininjury #tbi

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