How do you know if you’re suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning?

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What’s tasteless, it’s colorless, it’s odorless. So how do you know if you’re suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning? You know, we’ve had cases where people have in businesses have failed to really clear out their exhaust pipes. So snow, for example, gets over an exhaust pipe and the carbon monoxide, instead of getting pumped out, just gets pumped into a building and builds and builds and builds, and then starts poisoning staff, people, team members.

You can be suffering from this, but you don’t know until you’re maybe overly tired, light headed, you know, not thinking straight. Things like that can be signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. You can have poor vision, dizziness, shortness of breath, things like that. So make sure that any exhaust pipe around your house is free and clear so the carbon monoxide goes out, doesn’t come back in, and if you’re having any of the symptoms we talked about, make sure you go to the doctor, get checked out, tell them this is what I’m going through, and hopefully they’ll help you understand if you are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.


This is very serious and needs to be brought to attention ☠️ #carbonmonoxide #wisconsin #hazardous

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