How to Manage Road Rage on the Road

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If you commute to and from your job via car, have driven your kids to and from sports practices, or have even taken the occasional trip to the movies, you may have experienced something called road rage. Road rage is a broad term that refers to any type of aggressive or violent behavior a driver exhibits while driving. While road rage can apply to drivers who are simply angry at another driver’s actions, it also refers to those who retaliate against others, and accidents can occur as a result.

While it’s acceptable to become irritated by another driver – maybe they’re going too slowly, or they failed to signal before moving into your lane – road rage should not excuse anyone from causing an accident that may injure or kill others.

How Road Rage Can Cause Crashes

While some road rage produces nothing beyond negative feelings between drivers, it can also increase the likelihood of a crash, which can result in injuries ranging from minor to fatal.

Some ways that road rage can lead to an accident include:

  • Drivers may park incorrectly on the side of the road to confront one another
  • Aggression can cause drivers to ignore important traffic signs
  • Drivers may be focused on one another and not on the road
  • Aggressive drivers are prone to speeding and can easily rear-end other cars or spin out of control

What to Do When You Experience Road Rage

Our attorneys have worked on many motor vehicle-related accident cases throughout the years that could have easily been prevented. Road rage can be managed, and by maintaining control over your emotions, you may be able to prevent an accident.

To prevent or manage road rage, we recommend:

  • Giving yourself enough time to get to your destination to avoid getting frustrated by unexpected traffic
  • Listening to calming music or a podcast
  • Don’t drive after an upsetting conversation or encounter to ensure you’re not distracted

If you encounter another driver with road rage – an example is a car that is driving too close behind you out of impatience – the following suggestions may help:

  • Don’t worsen the drivers’ road rage by yelling or exhibiting equally aggressive behavior
  • Don’t get out of your car to confront the driver
  • Diffuse the situation by acting in a friendly manner, such as giving a smile or wave

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