Self-Driving Vehicles: A challenge for the Personal Injury World?

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You may have seen me on Frank Demming’s. Local Business Marketing Solutions Podcast. Again, thanks, Frank. It was a great conversation. You know, something that we discussed during that podcast was self driving vehicles, and how is that going to affect us going forward? Us, meaning personal injury attorneys.

You know, what does it mean to us? Attorneys like me, if everybody’s out there in a self-driving vehicle, well, first off, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that the technology is going to come that fast. And number two, I believe just if you look at the economics of the United States. Some parts of the country aren’t going to be able to either afford those kind of vehicles or afford the subscription that would allow you to have that technology in a vehicle that even has the ability to drive itself.

I can tell you, I went and looked at some used cars recently and the used cars had some of the abilities to drive themselves, but to get the subscription so they could impart drive themselves, like with the GMC Super Cruise, my understanding is it’s it’s hundreds and thousands of dollars a year. So, if you have the ability to get a used car, are you then going to want to spend that much more money for self driving?

It’s still an ongoing concern for a lot of us in the personal injury world. And what will happen to our clients? How safe will they be? And then, who do we trust? Sue, who do we make claims against if somebody else causes a crash and it’s not our client’s fault. So, please again, stay safe. If you’re driving in a somewhat driverless car, make sure that even if you’re driving in that driverless car or somebody else is driving, some technology is driving for you, it’s always best to have your hands on the wheel or certainly aware of what’s going on so you can take control and continue to be safe.

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