TikTok question: Is there victim assistance to get court-ordered money (restitution) back in other cases besides cars being stolen?

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Great question. Can you get restitution for matters other than your car getting stolen and the answer is yes. If you’re the victim of a crime in Wisconsin and the at fault party, the other person is a criminal, they’re charged and they’re sentenced then you should make your claim with the DA and victims assistance to make sure you get paid back all your losses. So if your car is damaged because you’re hit by a drunk driver or you have out of pocket expenses, wage loss, things like that. You can work with victims assistance to get that money back through a mechanism through the Department of Corrections in Wisconsin. Great question. Thanks for these questions. Keep them coming


Replying to @alli d Thanks for your questions! Hope this answered everything for you! #stolencar #grothgetsit #restitution #response

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