SUV Crashes into Downey Elementary School

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Drivers now under arrest suspected of DUI after this dramatic video shows the moments an SUV crashed into a school in Downey. This is a pure miracle. When you look at where this truck was coming from and the angle at which it hit her vehicle, it pushed the vehicle away from her. Thank goodness. Oh, boy, drunk driving, strikes again, right?

This is a situation where now the court system is going to get involved. The DAs, the police, looks like the at fault driver is going to not only have to pay for all the injuries that he caused, but also the property damage. And if he was driving while under the influence, there’s criminal charges. So rights are going to be taken away probably and restitution for all the other damages.

So this is just a terrible situation. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured. It looks like the at fault driver, the drunk driver was taken away on a stretcher, but even then he. It said that he does not have life threatening injuries. So that’s good too. Nobody was seriously injured What I would concentrate on this is what kind of insurance did this person have?

And are they able to pay for all the damage they cause because think there’s the vehicle the fence the building. All that’s going to have to be paid for out of this driver’s car insurance property damage portion if they don’t have enough. Then restitution is going to be responsible and he’ll be responsible to pay for all the damages through the criminal court process.


This story was pure horror in so many ways. Please drive responsibly! #dui #drunkdriver #school #reaction #grothgetsit

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