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If you’re in a dedicated lane that has an arrow, especially, that says go straight, and you decide at the last second, like this guy did, to turn right, You’re negligent.

You did not obey the rules of the road. I can’t tell whether there is a blinker on, but it shouldn’t really matter because if you’re in a dedicated lane to go straight and you turn your blinker on when you’re in the intersection, it’s too late. You didn’t give proper notice to everybody behind you.

They’re the one that is responsible to pay for the damage to not only, well, the biker’s bike, but luckily, he wasn’t injured, but if he was injured, they’d be responsible to pay for all his medical expenses, too. This is an example of the benefit of a camera. If this person didn’t have a camera, it would have been a he said, she said, and, you’d have a bigger to do, a bigger deal.

Luckily, this biker had a camera that just shows us evidence and proves their point.


The importance of vigilant driving and following the rules of the roads. 🏍️ #motorcycles #roadsigns #blinkers #rightofway #lawyerreaction

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