What information do you need to collect after a hit and run?

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What information do you need to get after a hit and run? Get your cell phone out and evidence, evidence, evidence, if there’s damage from the other vehicle that hit and ran, maybe there are bumpers on the ground, take a picture of that. If it is a hit, meaning you have damage on your vehicle and there’s paint transfer, that’s really important to document that.

Call the police so you have that police report. Because, in Wisconsin, there’s this phantom driver situation that if somebody causes a crash and they leave, but you don’t know whether they hit or didn’t hit, or if we don’t have evidence that there’s contact between the two vehicles, that’s a whole different situation.

So just gather all the evidence you can. And then really, you should talk to somebody sooner rather than later to see whether there’s maybe videos that can be pulled from traffic cams. There’s evidence you could pull from maybe a store down the road, whatever it is. Get that evidence sooner rather than later with the assumption that they’re going to delete those videos eventually.

So the sooner you get to an attorney or an investigator to grab that evidence, the better.


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