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It’s that time of year, March and April in Wisconsin. You know what it means, river flooding time. So, you know, when the snow is melting, we didn’t have too much snow, but there was some snow. As it’s melting, maybe farther north and getting into our rivers, the rivers are rising and that can lead to river flooding.

So what’s important to understand with this is when you’re driving, that you’re aware of your surroundings and what might be happening in front of you. The question then is, can you file a claim against your insurance or somebody else’s insurance if you’re injured because of this.

Well, what you can do is if you’re a passenger, certainly, a passenger can file a claim against the driver’s insurance or against your insurance if somebody’s driving and they don’t have insurance but they’re a permissive user of your vehicle potentially. So things like that, you can make a claim against the driver if they’re not taking care and they’re not being responsible as they’re driving through a dangerous area. Can you make a claim against your own insurance if you’re involved in this kind of accident and you’re driving? Well, it depends on what kind of insurance do you have. Do you have property damage insurance that will cover that kind of loss?

That’s a conversation you need to have with your carrier and with your insurance agent. I always recommend a real live person as an insurance agent. Make sure you talk to them and say, Hey. If I hydroplane because of river flooding and my car goes off the road, am I going to be covered? That’s a fantastic question to ask and really now is the time to ask that question to make sure you will be covered if the worst happens.

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Can you file a claim if you’re in an accident due to weather conditions? Listen up! ❄️ ☔️ #meltingsnow #riverfloodings #weatherreport #accident #hydroplane #carinsurance

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