Who is at fault?

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Well, you can’t sue God, right? I mean, we can’t sue the wind for blowing. You can’t sue the rain from falling. If somebody had the shopping cart and they let go of it and it runs into a car, then there’s a claim potentially for the negligence of the person who was holding on to the shopping cart and let go of it because you shouldn’t just let go of it. You should put it in the shopping cart area, you know. So it’s protected from doing this kind of damage. Is there a claim against the store, you know Walmart whichever store it is Costco. Potentially, if they don’t have the proper sections for shopping carts to be placed, I guess that’s potential, but in this case, I would file a claim with your insurance, and then your insurance will subrogate they’ll have a right to seek compensation from a responsible party.

If they deem that, you know, Walmart or Costco or whomever is responsible, they will then go and get reimbursed from that at fault party. And then you don’t have to go through all the trouble of trying to figure out who’s out there who may have caused the damage. Now, if you don’t have insurance, then it’s all on you.

And boy, this is difficult because in this particular case I don’t know how you get compensation because it’s just heavy winds, rain, and, simply it might just be an accident and there’s nobody you can go after for just a simple accident.

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