Underage Driving: Understanding the Laws and Penalties

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There’s so many things wrong with this as a teenage driver, at least in Wisconsin, you must drive with a parent, before you get your license, or somebody who’s an adult and who’s responsible.

This is not that kind of situation. I don’t know if they’re in Wisconsin or where they are, but sounds like they stole a car and then they tried to teach this underage driver, how to drive on the way home. Well, they failed right big time because she crashed into the car in front of her. All kinds of problems here with insurance, who’s going to pay, who gave her the keys to drive.

That’s potentially a negligent entrustment claim. So you have liability on her, for her parents insurance. You have the liability of whoever had the keys and who gave her the keys when she drove home from school. Negligent entrustment on their insurance. All kinds of problems here. I feel bad for the BMW that was rear ended because they were just sitting there doing nothing and this very irresponsible underage person caused this crash.

Bad situation. Sorry to see it. If you have these kind of situations, give us a call because that negligent entrustment claim is really important to understand. 


Irresponsible drivers 🫣 thankfully this was just a fender bender because this couldve been so much worse! #fenderbender #lawyereaction #teendrivers #drivesafe #grothgetsit

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