Will My Case Actually Go To Trial?

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So far this has been a “busy” year. We got ready for four jury trials. Only one trial actually went to verdict.
The three cases that settled did so virtually on the “steps of the courthouse.” That means that we prepared the jury selection (voir dire), opening statement, direct examinations, cross examinations, jury instructions on the law and closing statements. It’s a LOT of work. My guess is that the defendant insurance company’s attorney knew they would offer an amount to settle but just wanted to make sure the plaintiff was serious about going before a jury.
Sometimes that is how the system works. Insurance companies are always testing to see if they can get away with offering very little or just enough to settle without going to trial. Only when the insurance company knows that the plaintiff will go through with the trial, do they take it seriously. This is why it is important to hire an attorney who is willing to pursue a jury trial and will put in the hard work it takes to prepare for one.
Groth Law Firm, S.C. has been lucky to be trusted by other law firms as trial counsel. This means that those other law firms don’t have the time to try a case or the ability to commit to a trial. We do. If you need a trial attorney or, as an attorney, need co-counsel to go to trial please contact our attorneys today. We work diligently on every case we take on.

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