The Stress Pain Causes in a Relationship

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Chronic pain can be uncomfortable and stressful not only for the individual who is injured but also to their significant other. Pain can affect more than the individual who has obtained an injury, and it can affect other areas of their life.  Injuries often affect the people around the individual who is injured, and it is not always in a positive way. This s often the case with people who experience chronic pain as a result of a personal injury. It is often the case that the significant other of the injured individual isn’t a hundred percent sympathetic. The reality is that when people hear someone talk about being in pain it can be kind of a drag, and they often end up tuning them out. This can end up having negative effects on the relationship and put stress on both individuals involved.
Sometimes partners become unsympathetic and tell their partner to just get up and deal with it and stop complaining about it. It is difficult to maintain a good relationship when there is hostility because their partner believes the pain is either exaggerated or all in their head. Once this doubt begins to surface, it is possible that the relationship itself begins to be doubted as well.
In some cases, partners become frustrated because they find themselves doing small tasks for their significant others that they do for their children. It becomes frustrating that your partner is of the same age as you but are behaving as an elderly person, constantly needing help and special attention. This frustration begins to create a toxic relationship and can lead to deeper problems. If the injured individual doesn’t feel like they are receiving the proper understanding and support from their partner, it can lead to resentment. People want to feel loved and cared for when they find themselves in this situation, and when you don’t receive it, it can cause feelings of resentment.
Resentment, aversion and unmet expectations can lead to a stressful relationship. Partners that find themselves in pain may feel that they deserve a special kind of attention. If they don’t have these needs met, the unbalance of the relationship can cause problems in other areas of agreement, like finances or how to spend leisure time. It has been documented that relationships in which one partner is in pain tends to lead to a strenuous relationship, can cause more marital distress, more conflict and has a greater likelihood of divorce.

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