The New Trend: Legal Apps

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This new digital technology is revolutionizing the practice of law. Some of the earliest well-known justice apps are legal aid attorneys. These apps can help individuals when they find themselves in the middle of a crime. There is an app called Stop & Frisk Watch that does just that, by helping prevent police brutality by being able to record an encounter between a police officer and the individual being questioned. A few other useful apps include: Citizenship Works, My Attorney Apps, Oh Crap, Ask a Lawyer, and Berniesez.
It has been found that legal apps can help deal with the legality of things from a much more informed vantage point. In addition, it has been debated that legal apps would come in handy while in the courtroom. It is believed that these new legal apps may end up educating citizenry and will be able to engage them in a meaningful way in the political process.
The hard part about creating and incorporating these apps into society however isn’t the technology. Politics, turf, funding, and other barriers are the obstacles that developing these legal apps face. With the creation of legal apps, it is believed that for some of the most basic questions an individual might not need to pay for a lawyer. It is predicted that in less than three years as much as eighty-five percent of all customer interactions, when dealing with cases, will not include a human being. For this reason, many highly encourage law firms to embrace this new technology and even create an app for their own firm.
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