Hit and Run Reward for Information

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A University of Wisconsin student was hit by a driver.  The driver fled the scene.  Taking no responsibility.
Please, if you know any information about this collision contact the Milwaukee Police.  Today’s TMJ 4 ran the story.
Here’s a synopsis of what happened:

Barger was stopped in the southbound lane of Fratney. A red SUV traveling eastbound on Burleigh made a sharp turn onto Fratney and ran Barger over. She was thrown off her bike, which was dragged under the SUV for a block. Barger was rushed to the hospital.
Barger’s injuries are extensive. She has stitches on her face and hands. Severe bruising and scraping all over her body. A chipped tooth.  And serious road rash from being dragged by the fleeing SUV.

If you know any more information please call 414-935-7396.

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