Technology and the Personal Injury Lawyer

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I was recently introduced to Lawyers Weekly USA.   They wrote an article about investigating social networks in civil cases.  If you scroll down this page you’ll see my previous post on this topic.
I’m not surprised that this has become a “hot topic.”   I can’t stress enough how important it is for personal injury attorneys (or any litigator for that matter) to be aware of today’s technology.  How long does it take type a name in google and yahoo?
Liability disputes in car accident cases and especially drunk driving cases are ripe for social network investigation.   If someone is drunk and causes a car accident it is important to know if they had a history of drunk driving.  Was that drunk driver aware of the potential harm they could cause by getting behind the wheel while drunk again?  Comments on their blog or myspace page are important to discovery before filing a lawsuit.  It could mean the differnence between filing a claim for only compensatory damages or adding a claim for punitive damages.
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